Share 60 Minutes

Build Empower Skill and Teach

Share60Minutes is an initiative to develop a platform where we connect you with those who require your kind attention, Attention to change their lives.  Require your guidance, to choose right direction. Require your love, to transform their lives to be better human being. All this could be done by just sharing your valuable time with them.

What we ask you to do is simply taking out 60 minutes from your busy schedule. Just 60 minutes of a day/a week/a month/a year whatever suits your calendar, to teach a child, to bring smile on his face, to bring enlightenment in his life and to make them aware of what life is all about beyond four walls. They have been deprived from good education and would remain so if nothing would be done. Many Organizations are doing it, and would keep doing. But, that’s not enough; WE need to contribute for the cause and YOU need to do something for it!


Never mislead by saying that you are serving them! When you serve and feel great, you have reduced the other to a worm, sub human. It gives an impression that you’re so superior that you have sacrificed your own interest and joy serving the poor – You are simply humiliating them. If you have something, something that gives you joy peace, ecstasy, Share it. And remember when you share, there is no motive. By sharing, you will be tremendously fulfilled; there is no goal beyond it. You will feel obliged to the person who was ready to share with you. You will not feel that the person is obliged to you- You Have Not Served. You Have Shared!

Time is ones greatest asset and when someone shares it, one has actually given some part of his/her Life to someone, which could never be returned unlike money. Just try to use your time as wisely as possible. You Give time to your family, friends, loved ones, your business, your career. But deep in heart you might feel incomplete, for you have a sense of dissatisfaction. The reason could be anything, fights/quarrel with anyone or because of any other personal reasons. So, Apart from our surroundings you should look for a deep satisfaction which could only come through sharing. By sharing what you possess, the best thing you possess is your time, which only you and nobody else has control over it. You could decide to share your time with someone which could bring change in one’s life. The money you give would vanish, the clothes you give would tear, and the food you give today would be required tomorrow. We are not saying these are not necessary, indeed they are. But what could be more satisfactory than sharing you time with someone needy. 

Join hands and feel the Joy of Sharing!

This board has been To teach the children various ways of greetings and start the class with love and happiness!!