She dares

Build Empower Skill and Teach

The idea is to empower women to be able to take decisions for their lives and their families’ led to the beginning of “She Dares” program in village Ramsar Palawala. She dares to come out of her house , removing her veil and taking charge of her family. To be able to re-initiate her formal education post dropping out and proudly studying along with her own children. Furthermore, these girls took vocational training to start their own local ventures like, cloth stitching, , handicraft manufacturing, handicrafts shops, fancy items manufacturing/sales etc. Some girls have decided to expand this initiative and started working with PANS as volunteers as full time workers.

We are  working with women of village Ramsar Palawala in following areas.

  • Craft based vocational training.
    • Life Skill and leadership training.
    • Physical and mental well-being sessions.
    • Monthly free medical camps.
    • Awareness programs on health and hygiene.
    • Education for women and children.
    • Theatre and art sessions.

Some of the results we have got out of the ‘She dares’ program :

  1. Each participant is getting paid 2500-3000 INR per month based on their skill and no. of work hours.
  2. Girls/women get an opportunity to complete their formal education. They started getting respect in the families.
  3. Enrolling the girls/women to self-employment linked skill training programs and formation of self help groups.
  4. Helping them to start their own local businesses to support their families.
  5. Volunteership opportunity in PANS for passed out women. Hence creating women leadership in the community.
  6. They further teach other girl who had similar journey and PANS supports them to make a chain reaction.
  7. The attendance of the children of the school had increased many folds after their mothers enrolled in the program.