About us

Build Empower Skill and Teach

People’s Awareness Network Society(PANS) is a not for profit organisation working since 1996 to create a sustainable society by delivering education and vocational skills using model approach in contemporary development environment. Our focus groups are school going children, women (house makers) and unemployed youth from underprivileged segment of the Indian Society. We are a team of 25+ young professionals and 100+ passionate volunteers who have been actively involved in accomplishing PANS’ mission by undertaking numerous humanitarian projects running at various locations within India.Our focus is on empowering families as we believe that Empowered and self-reliant families lead to prosperous and sustainable society.

Vision: To enable and empower rural families through holistic rural development towards creating happy and prosperous villages in India.

Mission: Building an eco system of conscious local leaders which will lead to the socio economic transformation of the villages.